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Introducing the new EX software upgrade with all Melco units. This new software increases the ease of use of the Melco system by adding much greater flexibility to your music library. Browsing and searching your library has never been easier. Both SongKong and Minimserver have been fully integrated to the Melco software, offering an incredibly powerful music library management solution for correct and consistent data. If internet radio is of more interest to you, then you'll be glad to hear that vTuner Internet Radio has been added to the Melco software and can be utilised by connecting your Melco device to a USB DAC and using the Malco iPad app to control the input. In due course, there will be another update offering the option for the Melco to be viewed as a Roon Endpoint. Melco is a high-performance Audiophile source of high resolution digital music. It is not an IT device and is therefore capable of considerable improved performance. The data path within the N1 is based on a precision low-jitter clocked data bus, whether the music is delivered to a USB DAC or to an Ethernet streamer. Immediately this approach is taken, the benefits of a really low noise environment, impossible within a computer or IT device, becomes apparent. Mechanical vibration is reduced to a minimum; the very solid N1Z chassis with heavy aluminium extrusions and a stable H frame construction minimises any possibility of vibration. The HDD compartment, whether for HDD or Audio Grade SSD, is heavily reinforced against vibration and the drives are supported on a massive non-magnetic brass foundation plate. The whole chassis is supported on massive vibration-reducing feet as used in the award-winning 40th Anniversary Melco. Each operational element, power supplies, HDD, processor and data management, capacitor block, and system control, are isolated within the H frame which also eliminates electrical interaction. System noise is reduced at source – each power supply is extensively filtered with a Capacitor Bank separated from the main PSU PCB incorporating both high performance audio-grade capacitors and film capacitors. HDD supplies are separate from the signal and data processing. Wiring is carefully dressed and screened, with extensive copper foil used to restrain any possible noise leakage. Even the top cover is treated with copper foil over the power supply areas to ensure the quietest electronic environment. All in pursuit of the finest performance….. N1A/2 is a development of the N1A to further improve sound quality especially for USB-DAC users. A dedicated Neutrik USB 2.0 port connects to the DAC for optimum sound quality. Internally there are many detailed improvements to further reduce internal noise including a new capacitor bank to isolate the medical grade power supply, a new higher current 3 pole IEC connector with true ground and a built in power supply noise filter. Newly selected HDD with vibration isolating cradles ensure a new low level of vibration combined with capacity increase. (2 x 3TB = 6TB). A front panel USB 3.0 port makes importing from USB stick or USB drive very convenient and is in addition to 3 rear USB 3.0 ports for Easy Backup, Easy Expansion, Easy Play and Easy import. IT NAS is designed to be very fast and flexible, host various plugins, communicate to many devices on the network, and be a jack of all trades. By designing only for audio, we avoid all the compromises of a multipurpose IT device, and this is immediately obvious when considering the network connectivity. IT NAS will connect to the network switch or router with a single LAN port, and the network player or streamer will also connect to the network switch with a single LAN port. Crucially, this is the same as all the other devices in the home - most of which are not audio devices and are very busy creating network traffic that compromises the performance of the player. But uniquely, Melco has two Ethernet ports and sophisticated internal network data processing. One port is connected to the network and receives all network traffic – the majority of which is intrusive and damaging to sound quality. Melco N1 features a separate PLAYER Ethernet port that simply connects to the player, filtering all unnecessary network traffic. The connection to the Player is direct without the damaging effects of an IT dataswitch (router), allowing the data packets from the N1 to be correctly timed with low jitter. Music data is supported in all formats up to DSD 256 and PCM 32bit/384kHz. The Ethernet streamer or Player connected to the PLAYER port continues to have Internet access for streaming services as well as firmware updates, whilst any tablet or app control will be undisturbed over the network. Melco can access all open music shares on the network as well as internet streaming music services on the LAN port. This data is all processed within the N1 before being presented to the PLAYER port, thereby improving playback of streaming sources as well as music collections on IT NAS or visiting laptops, for example. Multiroom systems can also access the N1 and the music stored locally from the LAN port, and the powerful UPnP server will then give a whole house experience in the same way as any IT NAS. There is, however, an additional benefit with Melco – the N1 is proof against power drop outs, simply restarting automatically after a power cut. All this simultaneous with playing on the PLAYER port. Melco N1 is the perfect high resolution music source for a high quality external USB connected DAC. Compared to driving a DAC from a laptop, there are many advantages resulting in greatly improved performance of the Hi-Fi Music Player on the same noisy network. Melco is connected to the power using a 3 wire high current IEC connector and has a true electrical ground. By comparison, laptops use 2 wire mains with no ground reference and the circulating ground currents flow via the USB cable to the DAC – seriously compromising the sound quality. The data management within N1 is more like a high-end CD player than any computer or laptop, with a low jitter precisely clocked data path. The dedicated USB connection to the DAC is a Neutrik panel connector, with precise USB 2.0 data configuration for optimum compatibility with DACs and no complicated drivers or setup. In most cases, simply plug in the DAC and play music. The N1 will even auto transcode music if required. Additional fine tuning allows for DACs that have a small latency in delivering music – the N1 has a precision start feature to ensure no notes are missing at the beginning of a track. Browsing and selection of the music will normally be accessed using any UPnP control point app on a tablet. But it is now possible to browse and play music directly from the Melco Front panel, so there is no need for any network connection. Just navigate to the required music from the front panel OLED display and press PLAY. Similarly, a CD is simple to play - load the CD into a USB connected CD drive and select PLAY. The full performance of the USB connected DAC now benefits CD replay without the need to first import the CD. Similarly, music on USB Dongle or USB drive can be played directly from the front panel port of an N1A or the EXPANSION port on an N1Z, again without the need to import. High performance single 60w power supply with noise reduction technologies, Multiple low mass regulators for long term stability. Specialised pulse isolating transformers for both Ethernet ports ensuring accurate impedance match and isolation from networks noise. LED port indicators can be switched off. Active Ethernet Purifier isolates data on the LAN port from the Player DSM port. No Pc required for setup and installation - no specialist knowledge needed. Simple setup from front panel OLED display. Specific DSM IP port for Ethernet Streamer / Player with separate LAN port Control and network. Automatically creates very simple robust network for streaming high resolution music and control. Simple power operation, normal ON/OFF switch. Just 5 seconds to power down and 15 seconds to be ready. Informative OLED display with just 4 navigation buttons, display all relevant settings, connected devices, capacity, setup and also displays current song playing. Simple Backup - music is secure with USB connected Backup drive which will backup in a single button press. Simple Expansion - when the music collection outgrows the internal storage a USB drive connected to the Melco will extend capacity without any setup being added. Simple music imports from USB drive in just one button press. Simple music downloads from High resolution vendors direct to Meloc without a PC and safe against unintended power down. Specification: Colour: Black or Silver Single press power button - same as Hi-Fi components and unlike any IT device Comfortable front panel buttons with positive click for easy operation Front USB 3.0 port OLED display to reduce internal noise Rear USB3.0 ports - BACKUP, EXPANSION USB-DAC or Easy Import from Flash drive, CD drive or HDD 3 pole IEC mains inlet with true electrical ground to define source component as ground point, and internal power-line noise filter Dual Ethernet ports - dedicated PLAYER port and LAN port Direct Mode requires no LAN connection and the N1 manages the Ethernet Player and gives IP address without router RJ-45 with low noise light pipe LED indicators Micro miniature high performance network pulse transformers Audio grade ultra-low jitter internal data clock High data integrity and precision low jitter clock buffer FPGA voltage control system 60W PSU for LAN and SSD & USB related device Multiple low noise voltage regulators 3 wire IEC with ground Large capacity HDD (2 × 3TB) Selected low vibration 3.5ich HDD Floating HDD mount with Silicon Rubber dampers Technical Specification: Support file (Server): DSF, DFF, FLAC, WAV, ALAC, AIFF, AAC, MP3, WMA, OGG, LPCM Support file (Player): DSF, DFF, FLAC, WAV, ALAC, AIFF, AAC Sampling Rate (Server): 44.1K, 48K, 88.2K, 96K, 176K, 192K, 384K, 2.8M, 5.6M, 11.3M Sampling Rate (Player): 44.1K, 48K, 88.2K, 96K, 176K, 192K, 384K, 2.8M, 5.6M, 11.3M Bit Rate: 16-32bit (PCM), 1bit (DSD) Media Server: Twonky Media Server Terminals: LAN (1000BASE-T), Player (1000BASE-T), Backup (USB 3.0, Rear Panel), Expansion (USB 3.0, Rear Panel), USB 3.0 (Rear Panel), USB 3.0 (Front Panel), USB-DAC (USB 2.0, Rear Panel), Ground Connectable Bolt Power supply unit: 60 W x1 with capacitor bank Music Storage/Drives: HDD (3 TB x2) Configure as Spanned {6TB} or RAID Local USB DAC Player Control: UPnP Control Point Type 0 or Type 1 supported Case: Aluminium front panel & Metal chassis Size (WxHxD): 436mm x 62mm x 352mm Weight: 7kg 2 Years Warranty

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