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Solid Tech Solo 4 stand with Isolation. Radius Flexibility A character of outermost importance in a never ending evolving high-end audio system is flexibility. The fully modular design of the corner legs with their individual lengths can be assembled in the order of your choice (this is not valid for the connected models Solo 6 HT, Cinema 5 and Cinema 8). Images showing our one-box solutions, only exemplifies the most natural assembly sequence. The modular design allows you to add * or subtract shelf planes, as well as to exchange the corner legs with other lengths. Available standard lengths are: 65, 150, 235 and 319mm. Further on, there is an option for selected shelves of the Solo range, to implement unbeatable performance isolation system, that enables the equipment to perform optimally on a resonance and vibration free surface. * Since real veneer ages and matures and different batches, have varying structure, we cannot warranty that the wooden veneer shelf’s installed in the future, will match exactly the present shelf’s in terms of structure and color. Radius Solo Isolation-Kit is not just another tonal manipulator. It is however an easy to add-on, easy to adjust, and unique Isolation-Kit that acts as a mechanical low pass filter in all planes. It provides your sensitive equipment with extremely effective and true isolation both horizontally and vertically within the entire audio band, a prerequisite for an audio system to perform at its peak. The result is increased fidelity, imparting of deeper and tighter bass, cleaner transient response, silkier highs, deepened and wider soundstage, increased image focus and low level resolution, results which a non-isolated design simply not can achieve. The technology of this isolation system, is equivalent to our critically acclaimed isolation foot Isoclear, it’s effectiveness proven by series of measurements done by independent institute. Solo 2+ is $1095 , Solo 3+ is $1395 and Solo 5+ is $2195.

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