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This is the latest offering from Kara at deHavilland HiFi and is drastically under priced for the level of sound you get. We recently put it against a current  Stereoph... Class A preamp which was a few hundred dollars more initials A.A. and it sounded as if the system was broken. The new Untraverve DU Special of which we have the first has all of the deHavilland characteristics - musical , engaging etc. but the addition of the Duelund coupling caps, upgrade power supply caps and 6-nines high purity cast copper internal wiring take it to another level. More dimensional , and dynamic --without any sense of added brightness or "hifi" artifact . I have tried a lot of "audiophile" upgrade things and usually they either have no bass or are really tipped up in the highs. The Duelunds don't compromise the bass and they are really natural .

We are proud to bring the UltraVerve 3 vacuum tube line stage preamplifier to production.. It features the famous 6SN7 octal vacuum tube, and all vacuum tube rectification using the 5AW4 / 5U4 octal tube rectifier. We developed this line stage to complement our single ended triode amplifiers. One of the things we achieved was to design a preamp that did not damage the dynamic quality of the music. The UltraVerve 3 line stage is a true zero negative feedback Class A design. The octal tube complement coupled with tube rectification produces a huge, full-bodied soundstage and an angelically sweet and dynamic midrange. This preamp is just a joy to listen through. The UltraVerve 3 preamplifier features 100% hand wired point-to-point circuitry in the audio as well as the power supply circuit. The front panel is heavy duty anodized with Solar Black powder coat chassis. It features a soft start turn on circuit for gentle startup. The design places very little stress on the tube compliment. This assures extremely long service and sonic life of the tubes. Quality, Value, and Performance, by deHavilland, "Hand made in California with a passion for sound since 1997" according to Kara: The octal tubes we employ give you what in "Tube Lore" is described as "BIG TONE", something you just can't get with nine pin miniature tubes found in most preamps. 12AX7’s or 6922’s just can't get there. While many companies say that the simplest circuit is the best, they don’t practice what they preach -- they have miles of circuitry and solid state regulation everywhere. Our R&D shows that regulated power supplies can ruin the dynamics and imaging, just like too much feedback does. We spend more time and money on our filtering and use big, strong 5U4 and 5AW4 tube rectifiers, because they provide super dynamics. Furthermore, all of our power supply and audio circuit wiring is point to point, using the best wire available and the best dielectric known to man -- air. And while others may dress their equipment up with fancy gold or chrome plating and exotic woods that offer little or no sonic improvement, we prefer to use premium components and provide you, the listener with affordable, high quality equipment. Our gear is literally overbuilt to last a lifetime! At deHavilland, we are serious when we say that we want more listeners to be able to experience the beauty of single-ended vacuum tube sound, making this type of pre amplifier available to a much wider range of listeners -- that's our story. Product Features * All octal tube compliment * Vacuum tube rectification * Direct coupled audio circuit * Heater warm up delay timer * Cardas Cable * Silver teflon coated high purity copper wire * Wonder Solder * Output level balance controls - optional * 100% hand wired point to point circuitry * NEW! Silver or black anodized brushed aluminum front panel * Paint filled engraved logo * Steel Gray Metallic powder coated chassis * Side Wood Panel Ready- Chassis includes 2 per side 8-32 threaded anchor points to mount custom side panels. Design Specifications bandwidth 20Hz to 80 kHz output class Class A feedback zero negative feedback maximum output 30 volts p-p, gain approximately 12dB signal triodes 1 X 6SN7 (GT, GTA, GTB, WGT) cathode follower 2 X 6AH4 Single Triode rectifier tube 5AW4 or 5U4 signal/noise ratio 85dB inputs four stereo outputs two stereo input impedance 50k ohms. output circuit Cathode follower, minimum 10k Ohm load dimensions 18"w, 11"d, 6"h weight 15 lbs. including shipping carton. The "UltraVerve 3" Preamplifier is exactly the same as the "Verve" Preamplifier with the following added features: * Higher voltage power supply transformer * High voltage 5AW4 rectifier tube * Cardas Litz wiring * Vampire high purity solid copper wire * Military Spec Paper in Oil Capacitors * Auricaps * Roederstein Resistors * NEW!!! Stepped Attenuator Custom made relay actuated analog computer controlled 32 step stepped attenuator with or without remote control... NOW AVAILABLE.!!! * NEW!!! Stepped Attenuator Remote version adds $600.

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