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VINYL CLEANER PRO Records are precious: Not only because they are excellent sound carriers. Often the so-called "black gold" is an irreplaceable collector's item. Even when great care is taken, in the long time it is inevitable that records get dirty. A gentle cleaning of the disc is particularly important to preserve its value. Reiner Gläss, the brain behind Audiodesksysteme, has developed a professional yet comfortable LP-washing machine – the "Vinyl-Cleaner". The Vinyl Cleaner is a fully automated machine that sets new standards in user-friendlyness. January 2016 has seen the release of the newest Vinyl Cleaner evolution stage: The Vinyl Cleaner PRO! The PRO-version features an independent drying process that is not coupled with the washing procedure, better water drainage and other improvements. Operating the Vinyl Cleaner PRO is very simple: Just insert the disc into the machine's opening and press the red button. A yellow LED lights up and the gentle cleaning process runs fully automatically. Thereby counter-rotating microfiber cleaning barrels and ultrasonic waves softly remove even deep-sitting dirt particles from the record grooves. During operation the machine permanently filters the cleaning fluid. Afterwards two special high-performance motors guarantee an effective drying procedure of the record – at very low volume levels. When, after a short period of time, the green LED lights up the cleaned disc can be removed from the apparatus. Colors: grey, white, red, black Cleaning cycle: 5 minutes Dimensions: 33cm wide x 20cm deep x 27cm high Weight (empty): 5,5 kg Water capacity: 4,5 Litres, cleaning concentrate 20 ml Manufacturer’s guarantee: 2 years / Made in Germany The Vinyl Cleaner PRO is available in the standard color version gray. Alternative color variants like white, red and black are available.

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