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ZTron Alpha HC

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After hearing Shunyata's Alpha ZTron HC power cord in our main system and tried them against a few of our favorites costing twice as much we knew these were a steal. Now at 20% they must be the best deal in power cords on the market. Superior Performance - Objectively Measured Results The ΞTRON α Series of power cables represent a new concept in power delivery. Three, similarly priced power cables, that are optimized for different types of audio components. One specifically tuned for digital type components that emit ultra high frequency noise. Another designed specifically for analog type components that have linear power supplies. And the third designed for high-current draw components such as high power amplifiers. The ΞTRON α HC power cable has noise reduction capabilities so significant that they can be measured with a power analyzer. More importantly, even a brief evaluation will yield an unmistakable improvement in the performance of any analog component in a sound, recording or video system. The ΞTRON α HC is tuned specifically for the massive impulse noise generated by very high current power supplies. It delivers a dramatic measurable reduction in both component and power line generated noise. There have been many power cords that claim to reduce power line noise. Invariably they use ferrous metals (ferrite) or carbon impregnated insulations or just a common shield. Yet, none of these products can demonstrate actual measurements of their efficacy. These common solutions have obvious colorations such as dynamic compression and a dulling, or darkening of the sound. The ΞTRON α HC power cord delivers a dramatic reduction in measured noise without any side-effects, leading to clearer visual images and better sound in every conceivable analog application! Price is for a 1.0m power cord. 1.75m is $1350.00 ( retail $1599.00) Additional 1/4m add's $75.00.

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