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The popularity and success of the Electrostatic Amplifier (the "ESL Amp") for driving electrostatic speakers led to many requests for a companion amplifier that was specifically designed for driving conventional magnetic speakers. Two years in development, the Magtech amplifier is that amplifier. Magnetic speakers differ from electrostatic speakers in one fundamental way -- they require massive amounts of current and power. This causes the power supply voltages in an amplifier to change dramatically (typically by 30%) between idle and full power. Electronics have their lowest distortion and optimum performance at a specific design voltage. If the voltage varies, the amplifier's performance will suffer. An additional problem in amplifiers is that they require bias to eliminate crossover notch distortion and determine their class of operation. The bias will vary as the voltage does, which will further reduce performance. An amplifier's voltage will fluctuate wildly as dynamic music is played. This causes the amplifier's distortion and bias to vary constantly and fail to meet its full performance potential. As if all these problems are not enough, as an amplifier's voltage sags under load, the power it can deliver is greatly reduced. If the voltage would remain stable, the amplifier could produce much more power. Since most audiophile speaker systems require several hundred watts of power to avoid clipping and compression of the dynamic range, power is extremely important. SPECIFICATIONS OF MAGTECH AMPLIFIER Power (Stereo Version): 500 watts RMS per channel into an 8 ohm load 900 watts RMS per channel into a 4ohm load Bandwidth DC through 100kHz Class of Operation Class AB Slew Rate 500 Volts/microsecond Input voltage required for full output 2 Volts Input Impedance 50kohm (both balanced and unbalanced) Gain 26dB Noise More than 110dB below rated output Damping Factor Greater than 600 into an 8 ohm load THD Less than 0.004%, 20 Hz - 20 KHz IMD Less than 0.003%, 20 Hz - 20 KHz Dimensions 17" wide x 5.5" tall x 16" deep (43cm x 14cm x 40.6cm) Weight 55 pounds (25 Kgs)

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