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Segue ISO - an affordable, superior isolation/damping platform without sonic compromises. Expressly designed for analog turntables, but improves sound with all components. "All I can say is 'stunning.' The Segue ISO is incredible and I'm hearing more clear and concise sound than I ever thought possible. It helps take the Scheu-Analog Das Laufwerk to new heights." D. N., New Jersey "The Segue arrived safely yesterday, again, thank you very much. I took the footers off of my table before putting it on the Segue. I would not call the results a tweak, the positive effects are quite significant including the best bass I've ever had in my room. Pretty remarkable. I think you're onto something with this stuff : ) " S. M., New York "Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the Segue ISO. It does everything you said it does. It cleared away clutter and noise and let me get my system dialed in so listening is fun, not frustrating. Can't wait to get those Rollerblocks in!" J. M., Connecticut "Attached find a picture of my Rosewood VPI Classic 3 on your Segue ISO platform. It improved the sound of my Classic immediately. The real surprise was when I tried your new inserts for the feet of the Classic. Wow, I couldn't believe how much more detail I heard with that little tweak. These items are keepers and exceeded my expectations. Thank you." P. C., New York "Well I finally took delivery of my Segue ISO platform this weekend and Boy was it worth the wait! Yes indeed it has restored my Hi-Fi smile and amazed me at just how much can be accomplished by isolation. It's literally like going from standard TV to HD by way of comparison...Once again thanks for a true quality product." M. S., United Kingdom Introduction The Segue ISO takes up where the standard Segue leaves off - by adding a special, newly designed 5-footer isolation system that isolates difficult vertical waves that plague turntables without the colorations, distortions and compromise of previous vertical isolation systems. Placed under turntables, and especially suspensionless, solid-plinth turntables, the Segue ISO provides a new dimension of musical transparency without adding the resonances, colorations, and unwanted artifacts that are the bane of conventional isolation platforms using rubber balls, polymer layers, magnets, cones or air bags. The Technology The Segue ISO combines Symposium damped-layer technology with a breakthrough in footer isolation to provide both low frequency isolation AND audible spectrum damping. Usually, isolation platforms may provide one or the other function, but not both at once. The Segue ISO is the first platform to provide both functions at an affordable price, and will match or exceed the performance of most isolation platforms at up to triple its price, or more. The LDSS Foot Isolator We searched and experimented for years to find an affordable, effective method to isolate difficult vertical waves. We discovered and rejected rubber balls in cups in the late 1990s when listening tests revealed the damage this method of isolation did to what we considered to be essential aspects of sound quality (bass overhang, transients, etc.). Similarly, sorbothane rubber pads, polymer layers and bumpers, while simple, inexpensive and widely used in competing products, were found to cause similar problems, as did inflatable air bags. We also experimented extensively with magnetic suspension, and while magnetic techniques have their uses (Symposium holds two U.S. patents that involve magnetic inventions), we also rejected these, since opposing-magnet suspensions exhibit markedly non-linear displacement. That is, as the distance between magnets decreases (as in an isolation application), the repulsion force of the magnets does not remain constant, but rather increases, and at an exponential, non-linear rate. This problem of non-linearity is shared by nearly all of the above systems, and damages sonics - especially those characteristics having to do with the sense of dynamic range or "liveness" of music - when used with critical components. The LDSS system, in tandem with the damping function of the Symposium platform, preserves the purity and musical accuracy of sounds in the critical lower midrange, bass and lower bass regions, and does it better than virtually all other vertical isolation schemes. Weight Capacity The Segue ISO is currently available in two versions, LD and MD. LD or Light Duty: For turntables and components up to 40 pounds (about 18 kG) MD or Medium Duty: For turntables and components up to 80 pounds (about 36 kG) Higher weight capacities are available on special order. Dimensions and Weight The Segue ISO is 2.25" (2 1/4") or approximately 5.7 cm height with no load, and 1.75" (1 3/4") or approximately 4.4 cm height with maximum weight load. A standard 19x14 (48cm x 35.5cm) platform weighs approximately 8 lbs (approximately 3.6 kG). While our popular size roster for platforms (see below) is still in effect, the Segue ISO can be ordered in virtually any size. Standard Sizes 19x14, 19x18, 19x21, and 24x19; custom sizes are available upon request. Price is for a standard 19 x 14 LD version. MD version adds $65.00.

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